Tyrannian Mini Golf is a sports related, puzzle game. It's rated as easy (4.4). Tairänniaik Mini Golf wa NeopetsTairännian dè 1-gè sports aktiviti. Yusā keyi cusingi from 3-zuŋ diffèrènt dè golfbol tu yus: draien-bätbät bol, guat-bol, en ston-bol. 迷你哥爾夫暴虐大地上的一項體育活動,玩者可以選擇三種不同的球來使用,從而穿過各種不同的障礙來得分。

The game uses dung, stone and wooden balls, but not cork. (Answer for the Daily Puzzle for the 14th day of Swimming.) A Pteri named Gif'n and Milo, the Chomby are credited with inventing Tyrannian Mini Golf. (Answer for the Daily Puzzle for the 7th day of Gathering.)


Press tab on the keyboard. Tab looks like two arrows pointing the othe derection of each other Press the tab button twice then press enter. Make sure you're in the character selecting first!

Player / Pleia / 玩家 Edit


  1. 弱力擊桿者:是一隻喬比,從容不迫
  2. 完美推桿手:是一隻阿卡拉,是按規定行事的最好賽手。
  3. 大力擊球員:是一隻獵奔,有時候擊球過於大力。

External link / Ikstörnol liŋk / 外部連結 Edit

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