U is the 32th letter in the Babyish alphabet. Its name in Babyish is u (IPA /u/). The character represents the sound /u/. U-wa đe-32 käraktā in đe Babyish alfabet. U dè neim in Babyish bi u (IPA /u/). U reprisent đe saund /u/. UB文字母的第32個字母。在B文的名稱讀作 u (IPA /u/)。這個字母所代表的音位是/u/

Iniçol U Edit

The words below starts with U Wörds bilow wiŧ iniçol U 以下各個字母以U字開頭:

English Babyish 中文
Delicious Umai 美味
Until Ùntil 直至
Cry Uwe 哭泣
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