Using adjective as noun is a grammar practise inherited from English that uses adjectives to form nouns by prepending the definite articles.

Adjectives can also be used as nouns with the definite articles le, la, đe and o in the following ways:

  1. To talk about groups of people:
    1. Example: đe elderli, đe blaind, đe dēf, đe yoi, đe mwugāhógwài, and đe ùnemployen.
    2. Sample sentence: Đe elderly rīkwair moa kar from ano fämili.
  2. To talk about nationalities:
    1. Example: đe Iŋglènd pīpol, đe Ẑōŋguó pīpol, đe Fronçeis pīpol.
    2. Sample sentence: Đe Ẑōŋgúo pīpol wa byutifolna mauntàins ga àraund ano kontri.
  3. To talk about abstract ideas:
    1. Example: đe byutifol, đe keiyigwaina
  4. With superlatives:
    1. Example: đe tolest, đe čīpest, đe bigest.
    2. Sample sentence:
      1. The most beautiful get the most attention.
      2. Buying the cheapest is seldom the most economical option.

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