(FL09) Yim Tin (FL10) Yim Tin Harbar Törminus
(ŜẐ814) 鹽田區廳 (ŜẐ815) 鹽田港 (ŜẐ824) 大梅沙

Yim Tin Harbour Station is the future terminus of Funleng MTR and station of Shenzhen MTR Line 8. Yim Tin Harbar Steiçion wa mirai dè Fùnléŋ MTR dè Törminus en Ŝenẑen MTR Lain 8 dè steiçion. 鹽田港站是未來粉嶺地鐵的總站及深圳地鐵8號線的車站。

Biuldiŋ Edit

Si osou Edit

Ikstörnol liŋk Edit

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