Yongja(龍仔;2000n-) is in fact not a sheep but a red dragon. He was born on the Year of Dragon. He wears a bell around his neck, like the sheep as well, and like to pretend to be a sheep. Yoŋja(龍仔;2000n-)-ga not dū O-hicuji bùt huŋlyoŋ. Yoŋja-wa Lyong-nin cutsài. Kui guazü ge loŋloŋ àraund kuide nek, laik o-hicuji, en laik tu pritend o-hicuji. Yoŋja(龍仔;2000n-)其實不是一隻羊,而是一隻紅龍。他亦經常在頸上掛有一個噹噹,與其他羊一樣,而牠亦很喜愛扮羊咩仔。

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